K&S Saddlery Products

Hooflex* THRUSH Remedy
Thrush and White Line disease are bacterial hoof infections often complicated by fungi. Untreated, they can lead to lameness. Thrush Remedy kills bacteria and fungi and foul odor that causes ...
Health and Wellness | 2464 Views | Currently Unavailable
Schreiners Herbal Solution 4oz. Bottle
Schreiners Herbal Solution is a simple, safe, and effective topical herbal application for horses and live stock. Recommended by veterinarians for over 20 years. Promotes healing in open wounds, post ...
No Category | 2604 Views
Leather New 16 oz.
Leather New is a self-polishing sadle soap that cleans and polishes in one easy step. Cleans, softens, and preserves the color and texture of leather, then dries to a long-lasting, ...
Leather Care | 2268 Views
Pure Neatsfoot Oil (16 oz)
Pure Neatsfoot Oil is a preservative and softener for dressing all leather products.
Leather Care | 2423 Views
This versatile packing system can be used on a sawbuck, decker, or western riding saddle. Plus the panniers are detachable so they can be packed, loaded, and weighed individually. Three ...
Packing Equipment | 2355 Views | Only 3 Remaining!
Pannier Box Set
The contoured side of these panniers allow them to rest against the animal's side without creating a pressure point. Made to carry average loads on average pack animals, the HorsePac ...
Packing Equipment | 5166 Views | Only 1 Remaining!
Trail Max* Top Pack
The top packs have a water resistant nylon lining on the top inside, providing a barrier between the elements and your duffle. Made from 1,000 denier nylon tie-down straps. Color> ...
Packing Equipment | 2371 Views | Only 2 Remaining!
Trail Max* Guardian Rifle Scabbard
The TrailMax Guardian Rifle Scabbard completely encloses a scoped sporting rifle, whic his encased in high density, waterproof foam and shielded by a tough weatherproof shell. The Guardian accomodates up ...
Packing Equipment | 4876 Views | Only 4 Remaining!
Trail Max* Rifle Scabbbard
TrailMax scabbards are designed to be functional, good looking and durable. The TrailMax Rifle Scabbard is no exception. Extremely tough, vinyl-coated outer fabric is lined with felt. It features a ...
Packing Equipment | 2458 Views | Only 4 Remaining!
SMB Elite Ven-Tech 4 Pack
Now with VenTECH™ technology, the Elite Sports Medicine Boot is lightweight and multi-layered with a ventilated, limestone-based neoprene exterior and UltraShock™ lining. Ventilated neoprene conforms to your horse, allows ...
Horse Apparel | 2216 Views
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