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Kensington Natural Look Catchmasks
•The CatchMask® functions as a fly mask until you attach a lead rope snap through the latch assembly. Attaching a lead rope converts the mask from a tear-away mask to a secure catch-halter by securing all layers of the mask together through the snap of the lead rope.

•Other fly masks require you to approach your horse, remove the mask, and maintain control of your horse while attaching a halter and lead rope. This mask lets you walk up to your horse carrying only a lead rope, snap the lead rope on the mask, and voila!, your horse is caught and under control quickly and safely.

•The CatchMask® looks normal to other horses, and stable mates with a habit of removing each other's masks tend not to, insuring, that it can do its job of protecting your horse from flies, insects and sun as long as possible.
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