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Laser Sheen® Dazzling Shine & Detangler Concentra
Laser Sheen® Dazzling Shine & Detangler Concentrate & Ready-to-Use

Gives horses a beautiful showring look

* 32 oz ready-to-use is a convenient spray-on coat polish and detangler
* Show-stopping, high gloss formula produces a radiant shine
* Detangles manes and tails, leaving them shinier and more manageable
* Repels dust, dirt and stains to cut grooming time in half
* One application bestows a showring shine that lasts a week

Official Grooming and Conditioning Products of AQHA

Horse Journal testers said, “Light, clean scent. Effectively repels stains for up to one week. Works well as a detangler. Creates a nice sheen when applied thinly on the coat. Can be slippery, but a good choice for the show ring.”

“Farnam’s Laser Sheen® was a close second to ShowSheen®. It’s a lightly-scented, all-around product that creates one of the best shines we found and detangles as well as the top sprays on the market. As a horse show product, it’s the complete package.”
©Horse Journal reprinted with permission.

ShowSheen is a registered trademark of W.F. Young, Inc.
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