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Hoof Health Biotin-Protein Supplement
Does your horse have: Cracked, Dry Hooves, Diseased Hoof, Throwing Shoes, Soft, Spongy Hoof, Brittle Hooves, Soft, weak pads, Injured hoof?

As with a broken fingernail, the only way to fix a bad hoof is to let it grow a new one. We can apply a bonding to strengthen the exterior of the hoof while the new hoof grows, but this will not cure the problem.

Healing has to be done from the inside. Protein, not Biotin, is the primary constituent of the structural, and protective tissues of the hoof. The role of Biotin is to help break down the protein (amino acids) for faster action. This is why we have mega doses of protein with a few milligrams of Biotin in Hoof Health. The faster the amino acids work, the quicker the hoof heals.
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