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Quic Sheen
"Sheen” products have traditionally used heavy, inorganic silicones that encapsulate the hair in an airtight sleeve... causing dry, brittle coats, shifting tack, and adding an unnatural, slippery feel to the hair. These silicones won’t even dissolve with soap, quickly creating a gunked-up coat.

Yet, many horse people continue to use these outdated products because they add a high shine, help keep long hair tangle-free, and repel dirt. How about getting all the good, without all the bad?

Quic Sheen creates a beautiful show-ring shine through super moisturizers and light, organic-hybrid silicones that are water-soluble and will simply evaporate from the coat within a few days. No more gunking up the hair in pursuit of shine.

Feel free to use Quic Sheen all over the mane, tail and coat for a non-slick, non-static, shimmering gleam. It even uses optical effects to amplify color, re-beautify coats dulled by clipping or sun damage, and darken tails that have sun bleached red. It’s easy to see these optical effects in action.

Look down into a bottle of Quic Sheen. It’s clear, or slightly milky in appearance. Now spray some into the air while standing in sunlight. You’ll see a burst of purple... yet there’s no dye in this product. The purple represents the refraction of light in the droplets. When Quic Sheen is sprayed onto your horse, he too will be purple momentarily. Once the product is absorbed into the coat, each hair will then have a optical lensing effect under lights... causing the beautiful shimmer that’s unique to Quic Sheen. We heard that at on breed show’s halter championship, the judge walked back and forth, back and forth around one entrant, feeling the coat and muttering to himself before pinning the horse first. He couldn’t feel Quic Sheen, but he sure did see it! Available in a 32 oz spray bottle

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