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Full Cheek Roller Mouth Bit
Full cheek for control with copper and stainless steel rollers. The rollers act as a pacifier and help keep the horses mouth soft and moist. Great bit for young horses.

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Dee bit with Dr. Bristol Mouth
Dee bit is a mild snaffle. It's "D" shaped rings help with lateral control of the head. This bit features a 9 mm mouth.

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Ring Snaffle
7/16" 3 Piece Sweet Iron Snaffle With Copper Roller 5" Copper Mouth 3" Heavy Rings

These extra heavy rings are designed to add weight to the bit in oder to ...
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Reinsman Heavy Ring Snaffle
3" Rings Adds weight to increase feel for horse. Bent relief is very easy for horse to pack. The most popular snaffle mouthpiece. "Lifetime Guarantee"
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Reinsman Medium Snaffle
3" Rings One of the nicest all around ring snaffles. Sweet iron creates moisture for a wet, soft mouth. Large enough to pack well, yet small enough to have good ...
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Reinsman Light Snaffle
3" Rings Smooth mouthpiece is comfortable to pack but small enough to soften the mouth to prevent lugging on the bit. "Lifetime Guarantee"
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Reinsman Medium Snaffle
3" Rings This new tapered snaffle is made of the same sweet iron as our other bits. It has more mullen relief for more lip pressure and the tapered center ...
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Reinsman Twisted Snaffle
3" Rings Excellent choice if horse is lugging on the bit. May only be necessary to ride in the bit for a few days to lighten up horse. "Lifetime Guarantee" ...
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Reinsman Twisted Snaffle
3" Rings Light enough to ride every day with enough bite to school horse when needed. (low leverage bit) "Lifetime Guarantee"
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Reinsman Twisted Copper Snaffle
3" Rings One of the all time best training bits. Copper creates a moist, soft mouth for better feel. Packs easily, but rough enough to "bite" when you need it. ...
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