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Western Tack

Reins, Headstalls, Breast Collars, and Cinches

Diamond Wool Pressure Release Pads
After an energetic ride you may notice an unequal sweat pattern. This could indicate there is an area where the saddle is not equally distributing the weight, causing unequal pressure ...
Western Tack | 1891 Views
Navajo Blankets
Wool Blend
Variety of colors in stock
30' by 60'
Western Tack | 2114 Views
K & S Custom Leather Reins
Hand-made leather reins with popper or horse hair ends. Scissor Snaps
Made to order
Price according to length/design/hardware
Western Tack | 1889 Views
K & S Custom Reins
Hand-Made Gaming Reins
Made from a poly rope
7.5' Long with scissor snaps
Western Tack | 1930 Views
Colorado Saddlery's Pony Express
A 1/2” oval band, stainless steel spur.
1 1/2” gooseneck shank and 7/8” brass
No. 26-154
Western Tack | 2213 Views | Only 4 Remaining!
Colorado Saddlery's Lady Roper
A stainless steel ladies spur with 1/2”
engraved band. 7/8” brass rowels and
brass buttons. 1 1/4” gooseneck shank.
No. 26-81
Western Tack | 2044 Views | Only 4 Remaining!
C & G Distributers Leather Headstall
Medium oil leather headstall with basket weave stamping and dark leather lacing, with horse hair tassels on either side of the brow band, with leather lacing around buckles and keepers.
Western Tack | 1986 Views
H-L Saddlery's Leather Scalloped Brow Headstall
Cowboy headstall with a scalloped brow band with brass hardware.
Western Tack | 1180 Views | Out of Stock
H- L Saddlery's Leather Cowboy Headstall
Cowboy headstall, hand tooled basket weave with brass hardware with double stitching.
comes in: Black and chestnut colors
Western Tack | 1898 Views
Pioneer Green Ostrich Headstall
Doubled and stitched, light oil flare brow headstall with green ostrich print.
Western Tack | 2105 Views | Only 2 Remaining!
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